What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Servers And Their Pros

UK cloud web hosting is a fast emerging technology. It has many uses as it involves using servers to provide all computer functions. These include software, data, storage space, memory allocation and much more. This is a cost effective way for businesses to use IT as it saves money on internal computers and servers. This article looks at the different types of cloud servers. There are three main types of cloud server hosting; these are private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds. All of which have different advantages.

Private clouds are sometimes called internal clouds. The service is hosted in house on a businesses intranet system. The business only has access to the server and it does not share any resources externally. This provides IT professionals with full control and is known to be faster as it will be used by less individuals than public hosting.

Public clouds are sometimes referred to as external clouds. These are access through the internet. As the host deploys all of its capabilities, IT departments do not have to maintain and deploy the services. However there is no control over the services provided. This is the cheapest form of cloud computing available. The third are called Hybrid clouds and are a mixture of private and public clouds. This provides all of the advantages of them both. It is customizable and gives a higher level of control to IT professionals, while still allowing access to the advancements in applications and computer technology.

There are three services available with the different forms of hosting. These are known as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Software as a Service enables access to software remotely, as well as documentation and ecommerce capabilities. Platform as a Service only provide access to software. Infrastructure as a Services provides entire computer functionality. This includes, processing capabilities, memory, data storage and applications.

By taking advantage of cloud server hosting, IT professionals can enjoy the flexible deployment of IT resources throughout a network. There is also no maximum capacity so ideas and services can be developed beyond the limitations of internal server networks. They are also faster as they rarely use all of their possible processing capabilities. The main disadvantages of using these kinds of computing systems are that valuable data is stored on external servers, which could possibly be a privacy or security risk. It is very important to research the different cloud providers and weigh up any possible security risks. Also there could be a risk of a loss of important data on the servers.

Some cloud hosting systems are open source and can be used and developed for free. Others may be paid for. Google App Engine, Google Apps, Amazon EC2 and Apple MobileMe are a few examples of the kinds of hosting available. There are plenty of different hosting options, it is beneficial to spend time researching to find the right type of cloud hosting option for a company.

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