Why VPS Hosting is Better than Shared Hosting

VPS hosting is a new hosting solution that has attracted the attention of thousands of users of shared hosting. Users who want to do some serious web development would want a stable environment for their sites. Ecommerce sites and businesses that need reliability will definitely not be able to find it with shared hosting. While dedicated servers are ideal, it is the cost that makes most people look for an alternative to it. With virtual private servers, users can get the best of both with advanced features of dedicated servers and affordability of shared servers.

The neighborhood

One of the areas where the performance of VPS hosting is better than shared hosting is the neighborhood. With shared hosting the account would be hosted on the server with several other sites. The content on these sites may be ethically or morally not what you agree with. There is no way the user can control the malicious script of the other websites and it is easy for visitors to find out which server a site belongs to. This would not be the case with virtual private servers. These servers are completely private and what the neighbors do would not affect any other site in any way.

No fight for resources

A common problem faced by most shared hosting users is the constant fight for resources. Since the site would be running on a server with plenty of other sites the traffic of one site can affect the performance of all others. Poorly written and bulky scripts, high traffic are just a few problems which can make your site respond slowly. With VPS hosting, each client gets dedicated resources so there would never be any fight over them.

An effective solution to all problems

The availability of technologies, applications and services will always be restricted with shared hosting along with small bandwidth limits in comparison to virtual private servers. What this means is that the ability of growth is also limited for each websites. There may be serious issues in the future which is one of the main reasons why growing websites tend to opt out of shared hosting as soon as possible.

Although virtual private servers cannot be said to be perfect, they do have many benefits over shared hosting plans. For those who want to build a solid web presence and brand image, a good hosting plan would be the basic necessity. With dedicated resources, flexibility to use applications and software, reliability and high uptime, it is possible to grow steadily towards a better future. Because of all of the reasons discussed above it is globally agreed that VPS hosting is definitely better than shared hosting.


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