Windows Server 2012 – The Next Level Of Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting has been a great success till now since the time it has been launched in the VPS Hosting technology. Windows VPS servers have literally replaced windows dedicated servers and have offered its users a cheap alternative to all Webhosting needs.

With every new feature that is added to the Windows VPS Hosting server, you get more and more services that upgrade your whole experience with VPS Hosting technology. Your personal as well as corporate needs are better realized once you apply all the features of Windows VPS Hosting and enjoy the benefits to the fullest.
Till now you could sign up for Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server only in Windows VPS Hosting service. But from September 4, 2012, you will be able to sign up for a Windows 2012 server. Yes, Windows 2012 has been launched and it comes with great new features and amazing functions to enhance your Windows VPS Hosting experience.
Here are some of the features of the Windows 2012 server:

Better virtualization abilities of the server
Great management functions of the server
Better network abilities
IIS 8.0

Now we would discuss each one in detail
1. Better virtualization abilities of the server
Windows 2012 server is also based on the hyper-v technology and offers a great solution. With the help of windows 2012 server IT companies will be able to expand their workspace at a much lower cost as this hyper-v based Windows VPS 2012 has a feature rich platform. On Windows VPS 2012 server you will be able to create a server absolutely customized for your needs and develop an environment that will support all your growing requirements over time.

2. Great management functions of the server
Windows 2012 server or a Windows VPS 2012 offers lots of management features so as to manage various machines. It has improved standards of the industry etc.

You get features like batch deployment, an ability to manage multiple servers and great configuration. The new software of the Windows Server 2012 allows you to integrate various tools for better management of the server and also gives you the power to install various features on virtual remote hard disks.

3. Better network abilities
Windows VPS 2012 has better networking capabilities as compared to the previous versions. You will now be able to manage every user and all connections very easily and very efficiently. Your remote users will now be able to make better communication.

The complexity of networking gets reduced with the new Windows Server 2012. Now you will have better connectivity in connecting all users on IT, in linking public and private clouds and managing private clouds.

4. IIS 8.0
The new Windows Server 2012 has the 8th version of IIS (Internet Information Services). The IIS 8.0 has been developed by Microsoft has various extension modules. Unlike the previous versions of IIS, IIS 8.0 also has features such as basic access authentication, anonymous authentication, .NET passport authentication, UNC authentication, certificate authentication, integrated Windows authentication, digest access authentication plus the new features such as CPU usage caps for the websites that have been specified.

5. ReFS
ReFS stands for (ReFS) Resilient File System which a new platform for filing which is now available on a Windows Server 2012. ReFS offers has various improvements over NTFS. The new features enable the server to be compatible with the current API’s and you get an enhanced reliability for your on-disk structures. You will also get extra features like automatic correction of errors on mirrored spaces.

The new Windows Server 2012 has a great future as it is the best version of the Windows Servers till now. it has great functions, is more efficient and improves the productivity of the IT professionals and lets them complete their tasks quickly.


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