Windows Virtual Server – A Guide For Companies And Learners

At one time it took a lot of money and technical know-how to get a web site online. But now, thanks to VPS host companies, it is much easier to quickly and easily get a professional looking web site. The companies lease out digital space on the special computers called servers that are all networked together on the world wide web. They also keep the equipment safe from physical dangers such as fire, and from online threats, hackers.

The machines are all connected to the internet and hold the data files needed to display the web pages. They also contain all the programming software that allows users to interact with the websites, such as inputting their names, passwords or credit card information. Owners of the web sites have access to their machines to control what content is displayed or what special software is used.

A Windows VPS hosting based operating system is one of the options available that controls how the machine operates. It is sold and supported by Microsoft. The other most common operating system is Linux. There are different versions available from a wide range of high tech software firms. The company that sells their own version of Linux also provides support for it.

The machines use a special program to divide its resources such as RAM, disk storage space and CPU into separate machines, so that dozens of web sites can be hosted on it without interfering with each other. Business owners who have their data files stored on the machines do not need a lot of technical knowledge, because most of the software they need is already installed.

Customers who lease space on a shared machine will find it is a money saving option, compared to leasing a dedicated computer to only hold the files for one web site. Dedicated machines are used for web sites that get a lot of visitors and require use more complex software, such as the kind of software codes needed to display video or allow customers to use a shopping cart to buy products.

Computer users wanting to visit a web site type in the address into their browser. The request is then sent to the server where the files for that site are stored. The digital information to display the page are then sent back to the browser so the visitor can see it.
Hosting companies also provide other services to customers that they need to market their web sites, improve their search engine ranking or get email accounts for their employees.

The also provide custom designs for an additional fee for customers who may want to expand their sites or give them a new look.

Web site owners have a wide range of options to help them get their site online quickly and easily, thanks to virtual server host companies. And they do not need a lot of technical knowledge or design experience to create a professional looking site.


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