IP Diversity for Private Blog Networks

Why should you host your websites on different hosting providers?

Hosting multiple domains on the same IP address is one of easiest footprints you can serve to the google. These are the list of the hosting providers I have collected in a list. You have to host your websites on different hosting providers not no get caught.

Web Hosting just only same provider and/or C Class IP addresses. If your sites linking each other all from same or similar IP addresses you are taking on a big risk to be further manual review. IPs are the same or too close (as is common with SEO/C-Block hosting), they can be discounted because Google wants backlinks coming from a diverse range of IP addresses.

Many SEOs don’t host more than 1-3 websites on one IP address. Alternatively, if they host more, they don’t link them each other.

Here are gathered some of the best Hosting Providers:

One important tip, always work with the companies that can provide you CPanel. Some hosting providers might come with their own control panel, but it means you should learn about each Web Hosting Providers Panel, which is not practical.

Which hosting option is best?

As a single option – shared hosting, no doubt about it.

Unique SOA records, different a,b,c classes, IP ownership, and IP sharing. None of these are problems with multiple shared hosting providers. The awesome trick though is to have diversity. Some options are cheaper e.g. Incapsula, CloudFlare, so it is worth using every now and then.

I hope you found my guide useful and I look forward to sharing this with you in the nearest time!