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Does any Webhosting have unlimited Disk space?

Does any Webhosting have unlimited Disk space?

Unlimited disk space? How is that possible?

While it might sound impractical – it holds true. With Hosting24.com you receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth – we ensure it.

A sensible concern you might ask, where do you get your unlimited disk drives from? The response is – we don’t. We utilize 3TB difficult drives in RAID varieties, and this is a huge amount of space for Webhosting users.

We have the ability to offer unlimited space as not all customers need huge quantities of space on the server. For instance, there might be 10 customers who require 1GB of space and after that 1 customer who needs 200GB. That’s no problem for us.

Then exactly what’s the trick? There are no tricks at all. You get exactly what you see. When you trigger your account you may log in to your cPanel and you will see your online disk drive listed within an Unlimited space.

Can I save anything I want on the account?

This may be one of the crucial things to be kept in mind, that while we do not restrict the space your account takes up on our server, we still need that the uploaded contents adhere to our TOS (in addition to the Laws of United States). Click here for our Terms of Service (TOS).

Obviously, you ought to never ever host Copyrighted content like movies or music. Exact same uses to abusive or prohibited content (like kid pornography) on our servers. Any of such content discovered on the account is removed, account may be disabled and we may even take legal actions and report to legal circumstances on uncommon cases of severe abuse.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

We are utilizing our own servers, all collocated in Immedion data center. Our Data center supplies us with unlimited bandwidth at numerous 1GB/s lines. We are not money grubbing, that is why we enable our users to utilize it with no limits too. We are constantly monitoring our lines for violent, DDoS activity, however regular, everyday type of activity does not trigger any harm and is enabled.

That said, for example, 1-5 GB bandwidth per account, daily is not even noticed on our tracking software. You might naturally, move a lot more if looking for, there is no cap. Of course if your account receives 1GB per 2nd(!) traffic or sends out terabytes of data per day, it might not be endured (as it begins decreasing the entire network, triggering problems for other users), it’s far from any normal activity, which regular users searching your website can never ever trigger.